List of Past Colloquia

  • Spring 2019

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle / Abstract
January 16 at 4:05 pmJohn HesterRefutational Completeness of Paramodulation
January 30 at 4:05 pmColin DefantStructure in Stack-Sorting
February 27 at 4:05 pmScott McCulloughSetting Analysis Free
March 13 at 4:05 pmJohn OpreaGeometry, Soap Films and Biology
March 27 at 4:05 pmPaul RobinsonHigher Trigonometry
April 10 at 4:05 pmAlexandre TurullFinite Groups and their Representations as Groups of Matrices
  • Fall 2018

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle / Abstract
August 29 at 4:05 pmAlexander ElchesenThe Grothendieck Group of a Commutative Monoid
September 12 at 4:05 pmSummer Atkins Fellowships and Internships
September 26 at 4:05 pmLuca Fabrizio Di Cerbo: Luca is an Assistant Professor, and has also applied to jobs in the financial industry.
Amy Grady: Amy is a Lecturer, and has experience applying for tenure track teaching positions both at large schools and at smaller liberal arts type schools.
James Pascoe: James is one of the Department's new Assistant Professors hires doing analysis research.
Sara Pollock: Sara is an new Assistant Professor doing work in numerical analysis and scientific computing.
Mike Jury: Associate Professor and member of the Faculty Search Committee this year.
October 10 at 4:05 pmDalton Worsnup Homotopy Type Theory
October 24 at 4:05 pmParker EdwardsFantastic real semialgebraic sets and where to find them
November 7 at 4:05 pmAndrew KriehnA Cook's Tour of Hyperbolic Geometry
November 28 at 4:05 pmDarby J. SmithIntracelluar Transport: Rigor Motors and Bayesian Inference
  • Spring 2018

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle / Abstract
January 17 at 4:05 pmColin Defant How to Guard a highly symmetric Mall
January 29 at 4:05 pmKeith CopenhaverHow Normal is Your Family Tree?
February 14 at 4:05 pmJason Johnson The Ghost of Bach
February 28 at 4:05 pmJobs PanelFeaturing Leo Betthauser, Peter Bubenik, Michael Catanzaro, Jeramiah Hocutt, and Jindrich Zapletal
March 14 at 4:05 pmJamie Scott An Introduction to Inverse Semigroups
March 28 at 4:05 pmPaul SchwartzA look At Continua Arising In Generalized Inverse Limits
April 11 at 4:05 pmAnthony Van DuzerMachine Sortable Permutation
  • Fall 2017

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle / Abstract
August 30 at 4:05 pmMichael EngenOn the dimension of composition posets
September 27 at 4:05 pmDr. Paul RobinsonDivergent Series
October 11 at 4:05 pmNikola MilicevicA General Introduction to TDA
October 25 at 4:05 pmDr. Michael HullDehn's solution to the word problem in surface groups
November 8 at 4:05 pmCeleste VallejoAll models are wrong but some are useful
November 29 at 4:05 pmAndrew LathamA characterization of subnormal subgroups
  • Spring 2017

Date and TimeSpeakerAbstract
January 11 at 4:05 pmDouglas Pfeffer17th and 18th Century Calculus — A Series Approach
January 25 at 4:05 pmJason JohnsonA Combinatorial Proof of Fine's Theorem on Partitions
February 8 at 4:05 pmJoshua HillerWhat do you mean "the" multistage model of carcinogenesis?
February 15 at 4:05 pm Career PanelFeaturing Dr. Cenzer, Dr. Knudson, Dr. Alladi, Dr. Bubenik, Evan Milliken, and Ali Uncu
February 22 at 4:05 pmTodd MolnarThe Local Distribution of the Number of Small Prime Factors
March 15 at 4:05 pmJohn HesterMetaphysics in Mathematics
March 29 at 4:05 pmTBATBA
April 12 at 4:05 pmTBATBA
  • Fall 2016

Date and TimeSpeakerAbstract
August 31 at 4:05 pmFrancis AdamsSet Theory and Small Sets of Reals
September 14 at 4:05 pmJeremiah HocuttBeyond Cesàro Continuity or: Who ever said differentiable
functions were continuous?
September 28 at 4:05 pmKeith CopenhaverCounting With Unknowns: Generating Functions
October 12 at 4:05 pmEndrit FejzullahuThe Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics
October 26 at 4:05 pmDarby SmithMolecular Motors: Stochastic Equations of Motion
November 16 at 4:05 pmDr. Richard Crewp-adic numbers and p-adic differential equations
December 7 at 4:05 pmDr. Miklós BónaPermutations and Genome Sorting
  • Spring 2016

January 20, 4:05pm Dr. Murali Rao Probability
February 3, 4:05pm Mr. Ali Uncu Some Weighted Partition Identities
February 17, 4:05pm Mr. Ben Russo Dilation Theory and Completely Positive Maps
March 16, 4:05pm Mr. Reuben Bernstein-Goff  Big Data: Obstacles, Tools, and Open Problems
March 30, 4:05pm Dr. Sergei Shabanov The Formalism of Siegert States in Resonant Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
April 13, 4:05pm Dr. Mike Jury
  • Fall 2015

September 9
Doug Pfeffer A look at the changes to analytic rigor in the 18th and 19th centuries.
September 23
Dr. Peter Bubenik Topological Data Analysis
October 7
Raymond Schaub The Leontief Input-Output Model
October 21
Dr. Jonathan King How to Think about things bigger than your Brain? or (The Firing-Squad Problem and related Conundra)
November 4
Evan Milliken R0 and other applications of linear algebra to mathematical epidemiology
November 18
Kiara Hall Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics
December 2
Celeste Vallejo Little’s Law Applied to a Stochastic Model of Poliomyelitis
  • Spring 2014

January 21
Dr. Jindrich Zapletal A course in descriptive set theory, Fall 2015
February 4
Larie Ward Operators Grow on Trees
February 18
Todd Molnar The Anatomy of the Integers via Large Prime Factors with an Application to Numerical Factorization
March 11
Dr. Paul Robinson The Pendulum Swings
March 25
Dr. Christopher Porter Coin Tossing, Randomness Extraction, and Algorithmic Randomness
April 8
Christopher Cyr Permutable p-groups Are Hard to Find (in Sn)
  • Fall 2014

September 3
Dr. Jed Keesling Queueing Theory and its Applications
September 17
Ben Russo My Love/Hate Relationship with the Cantor Set
October 1
Dr. Scott McKinley Fluctuating hydrodynamics of microparticles in biological fluids: modeling, simulation and analysis 
October 15
Joshua Hiller  Constructive Lower Bounds in Hypergraph Ramsey Theory
October 29
Daniel Gray Superpatterns Containing Special Subsets of Permutations 
November 12
Dr. Lei Zhang  Some examples of Partial Differential Equations that indicate interplay with other fields
December 3
Ashwini Amarasinghe Topological Dimension 
  • Spring 2013

January 22
Cheyne Homberger Patterns Within Random Permutations: Some Open (and Recently Closed) Questions
February 5
Joel Rosenfeld An Introduction to Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces and a Few Applications
February 19
Kevin Knudson Algorithms in discrete Morse theory
March 12
Krishnaswami Alladi Paul Erdos – One of the Most Influential Mathematicians of Our Times
March 26
Tim Olson The Singular Value Decomposition and the Real World
April 9
Josh Hurwitz  A Simulation Platform to Quantify Emergency Department Patient Flow
  • Fall 2013

August 28
Jay Pantone Checker Jumping, Coin Counting, and Cap Throwing: Why Generating Functions are Magic
September 11
Scott McCullough Setting Semialgebraic Geometry and Convex Analysis Free
September 25
Jindrich Zapletal Infinite Games in Mathematics
October 9
Richard Crew
October 23
Evan Milliken The Real Dynamics of Bieberbach’s Example
November 6
Becky Borchering Assessing Seasonal Drivers of Rabies Dynamics in Three North American Carnivore Species
November 20
Ali Uncu  Generating functions for Partitions, Generalizations and Further Results.
  • Spring 2013

January 16
Nick Sharpe A Family of K-automorphisms in Ergodic Theory
January 30
Lee Raney Group Representations and Characters
February 13
Francis Adams Nonstandard Analysis: Calculus with Infinitesimals
February 27
Alexander Dranishnikov The Category and the Topological Complexity
March 13
Jill Stupiansky Mathematical Modeling of Citrus Greening Disease
March 27
Vince Vatter Geometric Grid Classes of Permutations
April 10
Sergei Shabanov The Resonant Wave Scattering Theory and Applications
  • Fall 2012

August 29
N/A Meet and greet
September 12
Peter Sin The Golod-Shafarevich Theorem
September 26
Paul Robinson Additive Functions
October 17
Sebastian Wyman Introduction to Computability, Computable Analysis, and Effective Symbolic Dynamics
October 24
Graham Picklesimer Finitely Additive Measures and the Theory of Games
November 14
Jonathan King Situations Where You Didn’t Think You Needed Ergodic Theory
November 28
Sergei Pilyugin