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Latex Seminar

The 2019 LaTeX Seminar will be on April 3rd and 4th from 4:05pm to 6:00pm in LIT201 and TUR L005, respectively. Please sign up through this form!

TeX (pronounced ‘tech’) and LaTeX (pronounced ‘lay-tech’) are important tools, useful for almost any graduate student. For preliminary information about LaTeX, including installation instructions for Windows, Mac, and Linux, please consult the LaTeX Introduction Pamphlet. (This handout was created using LaTeX! You may download the source code here: source

Latex Seminar Presentation

Presentation Part 1:  Slides  |   Tex       (Note the slides are in a zip file which contains the images used in the presentation as well)

Presentation Part 2:  Slides  |   Tex

Sample Latex Documents

Demonstration Part 2 – Zip File

Demonstration PDF  /  Demonstration Tex

Latex Seminar Evaluation  PDF / Tex

Article-Style Tutorial: pdf / tex (must compile twice)

Tikz Tutorial: pdf

Presentation Template