The Graduate Mathematics Association is an organization of graduate students in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida promoting a sense of community among the graduate students in the Department as well as overseeing and organizing various activities.

These activities include the graduate student colloquium, departmental picnics, and the election of representatives to the Graduate Student Council and departmental committees.

Upcoming Events:


We encourage everyone to consider running for an Exec. Board position.  Here is a document outlining the GMA officers’ primary responsibilities. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to the current office holder at the email in the doc.

Communications stuff:

All communications regarding the election will be made available publicly. Written notices regarding the election will be sent to the department email list, will be published on the GMA’s website, and will be posted in the Graduate Lounge.

You may communicate with the current president for election purposes via this email (pedwards@ufl.edu), or by written letter delivered to his office, Little 489.


If you would like to be a candidate, please send Parker the following by Friday, November 30, at 4pm.

*   Your name as you would like it to appear on the ballot
*   The office for which you would like to run. You may run for at most 1 office.
*   A brief statement of candidacy which will be provided to the Math Grad Students

Candidacy meeting:

At the written request of at least 5 mathematics graduate students by Friday, November 30, at 4pm, we will schedule a meeting of the GMA to discuss the candidate(s) for any particular office(s).

*   Parker will schedule and chair the meeting
*   At least 4 of the 5 students requesting the meeting must attend, or it may be adjourned upon successful motion of the attendees
*   Candidates for the requested offices will be given time at the meeting to give candidacy speeches

Requests should contain:

*   The requester’s name
*   The office or offices for which the meeting is requested
*   The requester’s availability Monday – Wednesday, December 3rd through 5th.



Date: Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
Time: Period 9 (4:05 – 4:55 pm)
Location: LIT 339
Title: Refutational Completeness of Paramodulation
Speaker: John Hester
Abstract:  The Paramodulation calculus is a collection of inference rules for clauses of first order logic based on resolution.  It is used in the most successful automated first order theorem provers of today, such as E and Vampire.  In the talk, I will introduce a restricted variant of the Paramodulation calculus for ground Horn clauses (clauses with only one positive literal and no variables) and prove its refutational completeness.  In other words, any collection of clauses closed under the Paramodulation calculus that does not contain the empty clause, which denotes contradiction, has a model. 


As always, there will be pizza and soda, as well as *gasp* socializing.



The current officers (for the 2019 calendar year) are:

President Churni Gupta churnibidisha@ufl.edu
Vice President Jamie Scott hiwhoareyou1@ufl.edu
Lauren Wickman wickmanlauren@ufl.edu
Treasurer Jesse Adamski jadamski@ufl.edu
Webmaster Nikola Milicevic nikola@ufl.edu
GSC Representative