The Graduate Mathematics Association is an organization of graduate students in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida promoting a sense of community among the graduate students in the Department as well as overseeing and organizing various activities.

These activities include the graduate student colloquium, departmental picnics, and the election of representatives to the Graduate Student Council and departmental committees.

Upcoming Events:


Date: Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
Time: Period 9 (4:05 – 4:55 pm)
Location: LIT 223
Title: A Cook’s Tour of Hyperbolic Geometry
Speaker: Andrew Kriehn
Abstract:  The recognition of hyperbolic geometry as a valid geometry was a pivotal step in launching the study of geometry to its modern form. Yet for being both historically significant as well as closer to Euclidean geometry than every other geometry, it is often not taught. We’ll try to get an overview of the basic theorems of hyperbolic geometry, to develop a bit of intuition for what it might be like to live in hyperbolic space, and to discover some of the beautiful relationships between hyperbolic, Euclidean, and spherical geometry. No prerequisite knowledge is necessary, except perhaps some loose knowledge of what lines, circles, and triangles are, but a good imagination will be useful.


As always, there will be pizza and soda, as well as *gasp* socializing.



The current officers (for the 2018 calendar year) are:

President Parker Edwards pedwards@ufl.edu
Vice President John Hester hesterj@ufl.edu
Churni Gupta churnibidisha@ufl.edu
Treasurer Jesse Adamski jadamski@ufl.edu
Webmaster Nicole Tuovila n2vila@ufl.edu
GSC Representative Lauren Wickman wickmanlauren@ufl.edu