The Graduate Mathematics Association is an organization of graduate students in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida promoting a sense of community among the graduate students in the Department as well as overseeing and organizing various activities.

These activities include the graduate student colloquium, departmental picnics, and the election of representatives to the Graduate Student Council and departmental committees.

Upcoming Events:

LaTex Seminar

The Graduate Mathematics Association and the University Math Society will be hosting a LaTex Seminar on Thursday October 10, 4:05 – 6:00 p.m. (location Little 237). Note: this date has been changed, pushed back by one week.

For those of you who do not know, LaTex is a high-quality typesetting system. It is the de facto standard used in academia for the communication and publication of scientific and technical documents in several fields.

In the seminar, we will cover the basics of LaTex including article formatting, different environments for displaying data or equations, and figure manipulation. We will also cover a few key packages needed for writing papers such as BibTex for creating a bibliography, Tikz for creating graphics and Beamer for creating slides for presentations or posters.

Everyone should make an overleaf account, https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.overleaf.com_&d=DwIFAg&c=sJ6xIWYx-zLMB3EPkvcnVg&r=UJmIniLyNi9RzDIK7ygzHogoBW9gkuuTakyg5o8WDBA&m=ESKQaic3XBeT398Y2_6VdH8b4fbSAxRVZxOWimPZDCw&s=YLY3qXXgUEsdalc4iTeKLr4aWyP0kCeO0qqink_jwNI&e=  before coming. Please BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP.

Also, please indicate your interest (as soon as possible) by adding your name to this google document. https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__docs.google.com_document_d_1ZqhrhIA40YU-5FDaIFgGcc0WUCNWtY-5Fx5JlH4ferZdw50_edit-3Fusp-3Dsharing&d=DwIFAg&c=sJ6xIWYx-zLMB3EPkvcnVg&r=UJmIniLyNi9RzDIK7ygzHogoBW9gkuuTakyg5o8WDBA&m=ESKQaic3XBeT398Y2_6VdH8b4fbSAxRVZxOWimPZDCw&s=zkHrxkJP_ZYUEje_jbuN8Z0qR7mj2389UrwobNlLkVM&e=


Jobs Panel

Date: Wednesday, September 11th, 2019
Time: Period 9 (4:05 – 4:55 pm)
Location: LIT 339
Title: Jobs Panel Q&A
Speakers: Zachary Hamaker, Tracy Stepien, Stephen Adams, Scott McCullough, Sergei Pilyugin

The GMA is pleased to announce Fall 2019’s Jobs Panel!

What: The Jobs Panel is a Q&A session where attendees can ask our expert panel any questions or for advice about the job application process, particularly for academic jobs.
We will also have pizza and refreshments as usual.

The Panel:
We’ve got another excellent panel for Fall this year. Several panelists are new faculty hires who are fresh out of the application process:
Zachary Hamaker: Zachary is a newly Assistant Professor.
Tracy Stepien: Tracy is a newly hired Assistant Professor.
Stephen Adams: Adams is a newly hired Lecturer.
Scott McCullough: Scott was head of the search committee for new assistant professors last year (Spring 2018)
Sergei Pilyugin: Sergei was head of the search committee for new lecturers this past spring (Spring 2019)

Hope to see you there, and bring your questions!

As always, there will be food and refreshments, as well as *gasp* socializing.



The current officers (for the 2019 calendar year) are:

President Jamie Scott hiwhoareyou1@ufl.edu
Vice President Jamie Scott hiwhoareyou1@ufl.edu
Lauren Wickman wickmanlauren@ufl.edu
Treasurer Jesse Adamski jadamski@ufl.edu
Webmaster Nikola Milicevic nikola@ufl.edu
GSC Representative Nirjal Shrestha n.shrestha@ufl.edu